Friday, September 9, 2011

MARKERS? This is Markers?

Ahhh yes the one thing that has always been a joy to watch, the expression and reaction when I've been asked what I work in. Only once has anyone ever correctly guessed and that was a man from France who was visiting my table while I was a guest artist at Dragon Con in Atlanta a few years ago.
That same year Robin Dale of Amdale Media sat at my table and proposed the idea of doing a "how-to" DVD of my technique with markers. I was already familiar with Robin's work after seeing and devouring my friend Joe Jusko's instructional video that he filmed and produced. The production was top shelf and I knew Robin would do a great job in documenting the process. I agreed to the proposal and  thought it was a great idea.
Now the question of when and what to do?  Filming a job might be problematic in getting permission and copyright releases from various clients so the best option was to create a self promotional illustration or a private commission. It just so happened Bill Messina the creative director of Dragon Con and co owner of one of the nations best haunted attractions "Netherworld" in Atlanta had been talking to me for several years about doing a piece for him based around one of the signature characters from the haunt. Seemed perfect and I could kill several birds with one stone. Billy was all for the idea, and finally getting the piece he had been wanting. I then contacted Robin and we tried to nail down a time that was best for both of us for him to come down to Tennessee to film. Late July 2010 was the date settled on.
For three days we recorded everything!  From concept to shooting the models, design, color choices, basically all the thought process and thought that goes into creating an illustration, the "old school" way!
I prefer complete solitude when I work so having a camera and microphone on me for those three days took a little getting used to. Of course had I realized it was a high def camera I might have considered a manicure before filming... not pretty!
No need to go into the details of the marker technique here, that's what the DVD is for after all.  The final result I am quite pleased with because it is just as much a discussion on illustration than just the technique used.
Robin posted several trailers on YouTube that like the DVD itself are very well done.

I cannot help but to feel a little immortalized by the whole experience. Just knowing there will be evidence long after I'm gone I that I was in fact an illustrator, how I worked and that I might have left a small mark along the way... even if it was with a marker!

Copies can be purchased from Amdale Media at
or I do have a handful of  copies that I can personalize if so desired. Just drop me a line for further info.

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